MBA APPLICATION STORY HACKS, PART 3: How to Be So Memorable That Adcom Can't Get You Out of Their Heads

How to be so memorable that Adcom can't get you out of their heads?

Use a Framing Device

A framing device is a storytelling technique that can achieve a number of things: it can inject humor, offer a bigger perspective, reinforce a main theme, and leave us with a feeling of closure.

It functions like a frame that surrounds the body of your essay, and is typically used in the introductory and concluding paragraphs. In other words, it appears at the very beginning and at the very end.

Here are some examples:


·      A single word that has some significant meaning to you

·      Quote: literary, historical, from a family member, or mentor, among other people 

·      Describing a vivid image or thing

·      A personal narrative or story

·      A question that you raise in the introduction, and then answer in the conclusion

·      A set-up, or fragment of an idea or story, that concludes at the end with a pay-off that comes full circle and gives us a feeling of closure

Although a framing device can achieve all the things we mentioned above, perhaps the most important thing it can do is make you memorable. This is how storytelling can work its subconscious magic on the reader.

By starting and ending your story with either a mirror image, or two sides of a coin, the reader is more apt to remember what they’ve just read, as opposed to some traditional (and boring) intro and conclusion.

If you can make yourself more memorable this way, it’ll help distinguish you from the rest of the competition that just blends together in the reader’s mind. Try it and see.