Only 4 Things Really Matter in the Best MBA Admissions Essays, Personal Statements and Applications

    We interviewed our top MBA clients. Studied winning apps. Tracked adcom behavior. And here's what we learned:

Highly competitive applicants get rejected from Top Business Schools all the time.

Long shot applicants defeat the odds and somehow get accepted.

The only way a competitive applicant edges out another competitive applicant to get accepted is by telling a Great Story.

The only way a long shot applicant can transform into a competitive applicant and get accepted is by telling a Great Story.    

Only 4 things really matter when crafting the story behind your game-changing MBA applications: 


You need to break out of your industry & overall applicant pool. You'll only do it by telling a story that nobody else can. Differentiate yourself.


With all the tough competition, it's SO crucial to stick like glue to admissions officers' minds. Make your story unforgettable.  Be memorable.


You're NOT just a number, stat or resume. Win the admissions game through human connection. Put a smile on their face. Move them. Make them laugh. Inspire them. You'll only connect through emotion.


Other applicants have goals - but most of them can't explain why their goals are important. Show the impact behind your work. Go deeper than anyone else. Convince them your goals are meaningful.


Other MBA consulting firms won't admit this.

It's really hard to pull off - and they often don't have the skill set to help you do it. 

Unlike the others, we use these 4 things to help guide you in crafting your Best MBA Story.

The Truth about why we get you results that other MBA consultants can't

Many of our clients first worked with older consulting companies. After hitting a brick wall and scrambling to save their applications, they came to us. Using our unique story-driven MBA Admissions Consulting, they got accepted to the country's top M7 Business Schools. They shared the problems they first met and explained the benefits they gained from our approach.


  • They'll tell you qualities their ex-school looks for. Much of this information is already available online.
  • Ex-Admissions staff have a skill set: they can recognize great applications & poor applications. They can’t necessarily help you craft great applications. 
  • They'll offer criticism, but tend to lack creative solutions, story strategy, and persuasion skills to guide you to top tier.


  • They'll often encourage you to fit in a familiar box, not break out and be unique & differentiated. This can harm your candidacy, not help it.
  • They're more analytical. They can’t always see the forest from the trees. And their soft skills are often weaker in guiding you with critical emotional connection.
  • The majority of them lack narrative techniques to help make your story truly memorable and push your candidacy from competitive to absolutely compelling.


  • Our consultants leverage skill sets from screenwriting, creative writing, marketing and advertising to help you craft a story that's so personalized, it doesn’t just “position” you among the pack, but pushes past the competition. 
  • Help you develop a warm, compelling voice that not only connects with admissions officers but wins them over. 
  • Simplify workflow to save you time. And we filter out all the useless info and noise you can't control.
  • We target everything you can control, and together we hit it hard.
  • We don't just criticize, but give you options, solutions and persuasive techniques to help you craft game-changing MBA apps. 


After graduating from Yale, StoryCrafters founder, Joel Maguen, moved to Moscow and taught Russian businessmen and businesswomen how to acculturate to the western marketplace. He also worked for Steven Spielberg on a war testimonies project and won awards on the festival circuit for his films. 

He founded StoryCrafters in 2011 with a classic business mission: to solve a problem. He saw a number of MBA candidates who were frustrated after working with older consulting firms that touted ex-admissions staff and former MBA student consultants. These firms talked a big game but delivered inconsistent results. 

With the goal of improving the MBA consulting process, he developed a totally unique story-driven method, drawing upon elements from creative writing, marketing, screenwriting and advertising. 

StoryCrafters soon became the best kept secret among a network of MBA's from New York's finance world. Word-of-mouth spread like wildfire, as clients consistently gained admission to the country's most prestigious business schools and MBA programs, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT and Columbia. 





When putting our team together, we targeted consultants with highly specialized backgrounds and skill sets.

We wanted creative, strategic, and big-picture thinkers. 

They're super-bright graduates from elite Ivy-League or Ivy-esque schools. 

And they studied the MBA admissions process backwards and forwards. 

But most importantly, they're master-storytellers.

That's why they all come from the following backgrounds: journalism, screenwriting, creative writing, marketing and advertising.

Yes, it's an unconventional recipe for an MBA Admissions Consulting Firm, but that's precisely why our unique story-driven approach has led to such consistently successful results for our clients. 

The key has been to help each person we work with transcend the simple facts, numbers, stats and names of the admissions game. Telling unforgettable human stories that demonstrate passion, tenacity and unique vision, is the common thread that binds these future business leaders.