StoryCrafters FAQ


Q: Is MBA Admissions consulting ethical?

A: It is absolutely ethical. Why? Because you’re doing the work. When you hire a StoryCrafters consultant you’re getting:

  •  A master storyteller and strategist who will show you incredibly effective narrative techniques to bolster your “story” and candidate profile to help make you a uniquely memorable applicant. 
  •  A filter to narrow down an overwhelming amount of personal, professional and academic information. We help you draw only the best and most relevant content for your apps.
  •  A creative brainstormer to help you come up with unique and effective ideas, and even more importantly, show you how to execute them.
  •  A top-notch editor who can ensure that your application and personal statements are engaging, grammatically correct, structurally sound and read smoothly before they’re submitted.
  •  A partner with an objective set of eyes and ears that will not just tell you what you want to hear – but will tell you the truth. 
  •  An expert interviewer to help you translate your story in person without the nerves, so that you’ll feel confident and well-prepared going in.


Q: Can I hire a consultant to write my personal statements for me and fill out the rest of my application?

 A: No. Admissions consulting doesn’t work that way. That would cross the ethical line. We consult, advise, teach, recommend, assist, edit, and inspire. But we will not be doing the work for you.


Q: You’re helping me craft my best story, which comprises my MBA candidate profile, right? But what if my story just can’t compete with the rest of the applicants?

A: We’ve seen so many different types of applicants over the years that we immediately know what works and what doesn’t. Everyone lacks objectivity when it comes to their own backgrounds. You’re not only hiring a consultant to give you that objectivity, but you’re also hiring a master storyteller and strategist who will extract all your potential story ideas, pick the best ones, make connections you’d never think to make yourself, help synthesize those ideas into a really compelling narrative, then give you concrete instructions on how to craft memorable personal statements and applications.


Q: I have too many weaknesses to get into a top MBA program.

Only superheroes can get in.

My GMAT score isn’t good enough.

My undergrad GPA doesn’t represent my work ethic today.

I’ve never led a start-up.

My boss works me so hard that I have no time for volunteering.

I haven’t saved the world yet.

Is it even worth applying to business school?

A: Most of our clients have at least one of these concerns at the start of the process. And yes, it’s absolutely worth applying to business school if you really want to go.  Now we have to prove that getting an MBA is essential in helping you accomplish the meaningful things you plan to do in the future. Right off the bat, you and your consultant will have a very candid discussion about your strengths and weaknesses. No sugarcoating. Just brass tacks. Then we’ll come up with a strategic game plan to compensate for your weaknesses and further amplify your strengths.


Q: How can I possibly differentiate myself compared to the rest of the applicants from my firm/company/field? We look identical to each other.

A: One of the most helpful features of the consulting process is the initial brainstorming session. Your consultant will not just remind you that you look identical to other candidates (which you already know), but will actually suggest creative ways to help differentiate yourself – not only compared to others in your field, but to the rest of the applicant pool as well.  


        Q: I already wrote my essay(s). Can I hire one of your consultants to simply           edit a new draft for me?

A: We don’t offer that service. Other admissions consulting companies will gladly edit sub-par material for you and allow you to submit it, as long as they can cash your check. Foreign applicants are particularly taken advantage of because they often believe that they only need a bit of “express” editing to help fix their English. 

At StoryCrafters, we prefer a finely cooked meal over fast food. We’d rather turn away clients than allow an applicant to submit a problematic essay. The truth is that a last-minute polish can only fix grammar, reading flow and writing mechanics.

However, it can’t fix the source of the problem that always guarantees a rejection letter – bad content. If your story doesn’t work, game’s over. That’s why we take a far more holistic approach than anyone else. We start at the beginning of the application process – from scratch.


Q: Do you offer payment plans in case I want to pay in monthly installments?

A: Sorry, there is no option like that. Consulting packages must be purchased in full before work commences. 


Q: What if I want to add more schools to my initial consulting package? Will I be charged for a whole new package?

A: You can certainly add more schools to your initial consulting package without being charged for an entirely new package. Many of our clients do this after establishing a tight rapport with their consultant, in order to increase their chances of admission. Please refer to “Pricing” section for add-on cost.

However, there are two advantages to purchasing your initial consulting packing (with exact number of schools) in advance. You'll be guaranteed the consultant you'd like to work with and you’ll be paying less.


Q: I love my consultant and want to continue working with him/her on the rest of my schools. Can I guarantee my consultant’s availability if I decide to add more schools after I’ve purchased my initial package and we start working together?

A: We’re very selective with the clients we take on – and make certain to block out more than enough time for each one. Chances are if you love your consultant, other clients do too. 

So if a consultant is all booked up as a round or season progresses – all additional work will either be turned away or given to a different consultant. As an elite service, we’re serious about not over-booking.

Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee your consultant’s availability unless it is blocked out in advance on their calendar. The only way to do that is to purchase the appropriate school package way in advance. In other words, don’t wait until it’s too late.


Q: Can I transfer my consulting package (either in part or in whole) to the following year after I’ve purchased it if I decide to postpone my applications?

A: That option isn’t possible. Our Terms and Conditions state: "Consulting packages are non-transferable and expire within one year of purchase or at the end of that season's admissions cycle, depending on which comes first."

In order to deliver the best possible service, it's important that we do a really good job of scheduling adequate time for everyone we work with. So if we have to transfer a package last minute to the next year, it results in lost time and revenue, which we'd obviously like to avoid.

We prefer to only work with clients who are 100% sure that they’ll be applying to business school during the current season and are serious about getting their MBA’s.


Q: Do you offer refunds if I'm not satisfied with the service?

A: StoryCrafters is proud to offer the best refund policy among MBA Admissions Consulting firms. We offer this policy because we’re confident in the value of our service, but more importantly, we want you to be completely confident in the value we bring to your candidacy and our partnership. 

We decided to introduce this policy because our clients simply don't ask for refunds. In fact, we've had many clients who left dissatisfied from other MBA consulting firms (who wouldn't offer them refunds) and were referred to us. We want to take the risk out of your commitment to partner with us and earn your trust. 


The following refund policy only pertains to consulting packages purchased in full from StoryCrafters.

·      The “consulting period” lasts from commencement of services up until the final deadline of the last school within a given consulting package.

·      StoryCrafters consultants are paid in two-week increments within a given “consulting period.”

·      The total consulting package payment is broken up into these two-week increments, paid within a given “consulting period.”  

·      At any time after the first two-week increment of a given “consulting period,” if the Client is not satisfied with the value of the service, they may contact and request one of the following two options:

1.   The Client may request to be paired with a different consultant who is a better fit

2.   The Client may request a refund for the remainder of the “consulting period”

·      The refund will take effect starting with the next two-week increment after StoryCrafters has granted the refund request.

·      Once the refund takes effect, it will contain the remaining payment of a consulting package in the “consulting period” and will be prorated based on the remaining two-week increments after the refund request is granted.