The StoryCrafters Strategy


As you're making your MBA Admissions Consulting plans, it's tempting to say "well, I don't really need that much help. I'll just hire an MBA consultant for a couple of hours to make sure my essays are on the right track." It makes sense - MBA consulting isn't cheap and there's a desire to cut costs in an inherently expensive application process. 


At StoryCrafters, we don't offer consultations by the hour because we discovered that this piecemeal approach is not only ineffective in many cases - it can also be more costly. For example, even if your essays are solid, there could be a fatal flaw with your recommendation strategy. Or perhaps an MBA consultant made sure that you haven't said anything disqualifying in your essays, but you didn't spend adequate time developing a truly competitive story strategy across every segment of your applications. 


For these reasons alone, MBA applicants get denied every year. 


Although hourly consultations are cost-effective in the short-term, things get considerably more expensive if you continue getting charged at an hourly rate, while getting less attention and care for your MBA applications from a holistic standpoint. At StoryCrafters, we spent countless hours with our clients - literally as much time as necessary to deliver exceptional results, whereas other services will give up on you if you don't continue with hourly payments. 


We're able to give you more attention and care because we designed our firm to improve every aspect of the MBA consulting process and truly maximize your applications. Other firms function like factories - more consultants and a larger ratio of clients-to-consultant.  So it's not surprising that their attention gets spread too thin.


Because we're a smaller boutique firm, we're more selective with who we work with and can give you more attention than anyone else. We not only take you through a unique MBA story-development process, but also guide you through every phase of the application process until the finish line. All of this is time consuming. It can't be rushed. Crafting exceptional MBA applications demands a lot of care.


That's why we only offer comprehensive MBA consulting packages - because they've resulted in the most acceptance letters to the top business schools in the world. Our only concern is to get you accepted. 


We also started offering the best refund policy in the MBA consulting industry this year because we have complete confidence in the service and want to instill complete trust in our clients. So if you aren't 100% satisfied with the value that our service brings to your candidacy after the first consulting session, there's no need to continue. And our record is so strong, it's never happened before. 


So drop us a line today. Let's talk about you and your MBA candidacy and see if it makes sense to work together. Just fill out a few quick questions at this submission form and we'll be in touch: FREE MBA Story Consultation