Are you applying to a top-10 MBA program?

Do you ever wonder why some applicants get accepted to schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton, while other highly qualified applicants get rejected?

It’s not just luck of the draw. There’s a good reason.

And only the sharpest MBA’s understand the reason.

It’s the reason why they beat the odds and are among the 5% - 20% of applicants from around the world that are accepted to top MBA programs.

Here’s the truth: you won’t get rejected because of a low GPA or GMAT score… or because you didn’t graduate Ivy League…. or because you don’t work for McKinsey or Google.

You’ll get rejected because your STORY was weak.

Applicants who got accepted to top-10 MBA programs had the best STORY – that’s the reason they beat the competition.

And they didn’t work with typical MBA consultants who all look the same and make all the applicants they work with look the same. Typical isn’t good enough anymore. And looking the same as everyone else can hurt you – not help you.

That’s why for the last seven years, MBA candidates (from Disney, Deloitte, Hulu, McKinsey, Goldman, top private equity firms, and all the major investment banks) have been using StoryCrafters Consulting to get accepted to top-10 MBA programs.

Before you apply for your MBA, you need to understand these 5 MYTHS and REALITIES about the MBA application process below:


You should fit in a familiar box. To get accepted, do what other successful MBA’s did before you.


What worked for others, will not work for you. Why? Your story is different. Although you and other applicants may share the same ethnic backgrounds, jobs, industries or schools, the raw facts of YOUR backstory are UNIQUE. No two applicants are alike.

If you fit in a familiar box, you’ll create a cookie-cutter application that lumps you in with similar-looking applicants. You’ll HURT your chances, not help them.


 Your GPA and GMAT/ GRE scores are below the average for top-10 MBA programs, so it’s not worth applying.


You need to compensate for these weaknesses by hitting hard on your quantitative strengths and analytical talents, at work and beyond. But if you just state the facts alone, your story will be too dry. You’ll bore them.

The facts MUST be dramatized into a story, using “set-ups and pay-offs,” raising dramatic stakes, incorporating “ticking clocks,” as well as roadblocks.

Most MBA consultants can’t help you with this. They’re former MBA students or ex-admissions staff  - it’s not their expert skill set. The only way to compensate for low stats is by telling the most compelling STORY possible. And if you’re not working with an MBA story expert, you’re not maximizing your chances.

MYTH #3 

You’re in an overrepresented pool (ethnic background, finance, banking, military, etc.), so applying to a top-10 MBA program is like playing the lottery.


When MBA Admissions officers review your application, they can’t avoid the rule of “pattern matching.” When too many applications show a consistent pattern, most of them will face rejections, while only a few will get accepted.

The only way for you to overcome “pattern matching” is by BREAKING the pattern through DIFFERENTIATION. And the most effective way to differentiate is through STORY.

MYTH #4 

You’re not 100% sure of your post-MBA career goals, so don’t apply yet. Top B-schools only accept applicants who show a clear plan for the future.


Although top MBA programs ask for a clear post-MBA plan, most applicants want to go to business school IN ORDER to figure out their plan. It’s a paradox.

To get accepted, you MUST connect the dots from a compelling backstory to a forward story, demonstrating motivations, personal influences, and accomplishments that prove why you’ll succeed in the future.

Most of our applicants discover their post-MBA goals during our unique and rigorous story development process. Crafting the perfect MBA story is like solving a puzzle – all the pieces must fit together tightly and persuasively for you to get accepted.

MYTH #5 

You’re not impressive enough. Top MBA candidates started companies, work at top firms, have perfect GPA’s and GMAT scores, have travelled and worked internationally, and lead community organizations.


Top MBA’s aren’t superheroes. Impressive stats, names and resumes aren’t good enough anymore. They got accepted because they crafted MBA stories that were differentiated, memorable, demonstrated the impact behind their goals, and established an emotional connection with their readers. And yes, many of them were “regular” applicants – they just focused on what matters most – their STORY. 


Here are 5 ways we’ll help you transform your MBA applications from merely “competitive” to outstanding.

#1 -  You must immediately grab their attention:

It’s really tough to break the “pattern-matching” of looking like other applicants or coming from overrepresented pools. We’ll help you pick just the right story element and placement that incorporates SURPRISE in order to hook admission officers.

 #2 -  You must hold their attention:

Applicants without expert story knowledge submit boring applications to ad-com far too often.  But together we’ll pick the perfect story that creates SUSPENSE and a “knowledge gap” at just the right point to compel admissions officers to keep reading until the very end in one sitting.

They’ll be way more curious about you than other applicants because we’ll make it impossible for them to put your application down.

 #3 -  You must be so memorable they can’t forget you:

After discovering the ideal framing device, personalized from your background, we’ll show you how to create a “set-up” and “payoff,” and select unforgettable language and imagery, so you become an MBA candidate they can’t get out of their heads.

And here’s the truth: if they remember you, they’ll keep talking about you to the rest of the admissions committee.

 #4 - You must establish an emotional connection to get invited to interview:

Using just the right emotional language and “voice” in your MBA applications is crucial to making you pop off the page and humanizing you. Most MBA applicants have no idea how to achieve this. And if done the wrong way it can feel forced and tank your application. If done the right way, it can seal the deal on your interview invite. 

#5 -  You must demonstrate the post-MBA impact you plan to make:

Most applicants just state the surface facts of their post-MBA goals. But facts alone aren’t convincing enough. If you go deeper than everyone else and use story building blocks that demonstrate action and impact, you’ll actually instill confidence in the admissions committee, so they’ll be excited to send you an acceptance letter. 

There’s a good reason why MBA candidates (from Disney, Deloitte, Hulu, McKinsey, Goldman, top private equity firms, and all the major investment banks) have been using StoryCrafters Consulting to get accepted to top-10 MBA programs.

They understand that despite having an exceptional resume, nothing is guaranteed in the hyper competitive world of MBA admissions. And the only thing that will allow them to transcend the competition is having the best story.

For years, StoryCrafters Consulting was limited to a private network of companies, financial firms and investment banks. We’re now selectively open to the public. But unlike all the other MBA factory firms that try to max out their client-to-consultant ratio, we’re a boutique firm that prioritizes quality of service - and our consulting slots are limited…


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