Story is the most powerful tool in MBA Admissions.

But most MBA Admissions Consultants don't have that skill.

We do.  

These are the 4 ways we help you craft your best story.


We capture admissions officers' attention by DIFFERENTIATING you

We help you break out of your industry & overall applicant pool. You'll only do it by telling a story that nobody else can. We'll craft a story together that Differentiates you.

We make everyone REMEMBER you

We help you stand out among all the tough competition and stick like glue to admissions officers' minds. We'll craft a story together that is unforgettable.  We'll make everyone Remember you.

We get you invited to interview by establishing a strong EMOTIONAL CONNECTION

You're NOT just a number, stat or resume. We help you win the admissions game by putting a smile on their face. Moving them. Making them laugh. Inspiring them. We'll tell a story that connects through Emotion.

We get you accepted with a story that shows how IMPACTFUL your goals are

Other applicants have goals - but most of them can't explain why their goals are important. We help you demonstrate the impact behind your work. Go deeper than anyone else. Convince them your goals are Impactful.

We guide you by making sure your MBA applications, personal statements and essays do all of these things.

Scroll down and we'll show you.  

Join all the other MBA applicants who used StoryCrafters' story-driven approach to gain acceptance to the world's best business schools.

StoryCrafters Consulting is the only elite MBA Admissions Consulting company that uses a unique story-driven approach. 

We'll help you tell the best version of your MBA story and guide you to the finish line until you're accepted.

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