Why are there a bunch of paintings on the front page of an MBA consulting company? What does art have to do with an MBA? Well, at first look, nothing. But there’s an art behind mastering the MBA admissions process. After all, we specialize in getting our clients into the most competitive programs in the world. And paintings perfectly illustrate our company’s methodology.

The ideal MBA applicant’s candidate profile is like a painting. And each painting tells a different story. It should have various distinct shades. And those shades should be non-overlapping (more on that later).

When you step back and view the painting as a whole, it should be differentiated compared to the other paintings. It should elicit an emotional response – whether it puts a smile on your face, moves you, makes you laugh or totally inspires you. It displays a deeper meaning below the surface. And most important of all – it should be memorable.


Of Things and Of People

The secret to getting accepted to the world’s best Business Schools is doing an exceptional job of marketing yourself. 

And the secret to exceptional marketing is exceptional storytelling. It’s seamless. Whether marketing products, or in this case, people.

In order to successfully market yourself – you need to tell the right story. 

We break down our approach into 3 S's: 

Storytelling, Strategy, Selling


We start by combing your past – academically, professionally, and personally - for the best content. This includes:  anecdotes, adventures, achievements, failures, successes, influences, idiosyncratic quirks, unique talents and transformative experiences. These are the building blocks to your application. Content is king.

We then help you synthesize all these elements (both the expected and the totally unexpected) into a narrative that personalizes you and makes up your candidate profile.

The connection between neuroscience and storytelling is already well-documented. Great narratives turn on and engage parts of our brain that would otherwise be left untouched.

Facts, figures, numbers and names are essential to any application. Taken alone, they’re often boring. At best, they’re impressive. What really excites us is taking all this raw content and helping you discover the right story to tell, then crafting it.


As we mentioned, the ideal MBA applicant’s candidate profile is like a painting.

There’s very limited room in each application. So we need to be incredibly selective and strategic when it comes to what information you’re going to share about yourself.

Your painting should have various distinct shades. And those shades should be non-overlapping.

Why distinct shades? Because we want enough “spread” throughout the application. All of your talents and differentiating factors need to be different colors.

Why non-overlapping shades? Because there’s very limited room. We want to avoid redundant information at all costs. It’s a waste of space. And another distinct shade could have gone in that wasted space – to help bolster your application even more.


The top Business Schools in the world are businesses themselves. Again: they’re not just places of education. They’re businesses. They’re companies. They’ll only accept you if you can make an incredibly good argument that you’ll help propagate their good name forward the day after you graduate.

You may be investing your tuition dollars, time and energy in them, but the schools are also investing in you. They’re prestigious. It’s a privilege to attend them.

When we talk about selling yourself to a program – we’re talking about selling your future, your ideas, your potential, and the impact you plan to have on the world.

It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been in the past. If you can’t properly market yourself and your future to these programs, they won’t invest in you.

They’ll only invest in you if you tell them the right story.