3 options you need to know when selecting MBA Admissions Consultants

Many of our clients first worked with older consulting companies. After hitting a brick wall and scrambling to save their applications, they came to us. Using StoryCrafters' unique story-driven MBA Admissions Consulting, they got accepted to the country's top M7 Business Schools. They shared their initial problems and explained the benefits they gained from StoryCrafters' approach.


  • They'll tell you qualities their ex-school looks for. Much of this information is already available online.
  • Ex-Admissions staff have a skill set: they can recognize great applications & poor applications. They can’t necessarily help you craft great applications. 
  • They'll offer criticism, but tend to lack creative solutions, story strategy, and persuasion skills to guide you to top tier.


  • They'll often encourage you to fit in a familiar box, not break out and be unique & differentiated. This can harm your candidacy, not help it.
  • They're more analytical. They can’t always see the forest from the trees. And their soft skills are often weaker in guiding you with critical emotional connection.
  • The majority of them lack narrative techniques to help make your story truly memorable and push your candidacy from competitive to absolutely compelling.


  • Our consultants leverage skill sets from screenwriting, creative writing, marketing and advertising to help you craft a story that's so personalized, it doesn’t just “position” you among the pack, but pushes past the competition. 
  • Help you develop a warm, compelling voice that not only connects with admissions officers but wins them over. 
  • Simplify workflow to save you time. And we filter out all the useless info and noise you can't control.
  • We target everything you can control, and together we hit it hard.
  • We don't just criticize, but give you options, solutions and persuasive techniques to help you craft game-changing MBA apps. 

Join all the other MBA applicants from Disney, Deloitte, McKinsey, Goldman, top companies, private equity firms, investment banks (Credit Suisse, Citigroup, B of A Merrill Lynch, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley) who used StoryCrafters' story-driven approach to gain acceptance to the world's best business schools.

StoryCrafters Consulting is the only elite MBA Admissions Consulting company that uses a unique story-driven approach. 

We'll help you tell the best version of your MBA story and guide you to the finish line until you're accepted.

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