My StoryCrafters consultant was very different than other MBA consultants I had worked with. Rather than trying to fit me into a box that the business schools supposedly wanted me in, he was thoughtful and attentive to helping me craft my own unique story in a way that was compelling and authentic.

I've recommended StoryCrafters to nearly 10 of my peers, who have all used the service to great satisfaction and success. My consultant was not your typical MBA admissions consultant - and I definitely would not have been accepted into Stanford without his guidance.


Before starting to work with my StoryCrafters consultant, I just wanted to play things safe. My initial goal was to simply present myself as the best version of my typical industry mold. In turn, all I came up with were the obvious elements of my background that aligned with that goal. Rather than enabling my risk-averse attitude, my consultant encouraged me to explore all the non-obvious aspects of my background that helped distinguish me.

During this process, my consultant helped me discover the “throughline” to my story and theme. Instead of positioning me as the usual mold, we chose a completely different approach. One of my post-MBA ideas was out-the-box and I wasn’t confident enough to explore it in my personal statement. But once again, my consultant encouraged me to pursue it and helped me flesh it out.

Ultimately, I used this idea as the anchor to my story and pursuit of an MBA. Together, we presented my stories and ideas in an absorbing way that totally pulled the reader in. With the added confidence, encouragement and guidance of my StoryCrafters consultant, I crafted a very different application than I originally envisioned. It was that difference that helped secure my spot at Harvard.   


Figuring out what matters most to you in life is a pretty daunting task. Especially when you have to sum it up in a series of stories to gain entrance to business school. I had no idea where to begin and I definitely knew that I wasn’t objective enough to assess what parts of my personal, professional and academic background I should be sharing in my application.

The best part of working with StoryCrafters was being guided through the detailed process of surveying all this information. After I answered a series of questions to elicit all these various stories and after a pretty exhaustive discussion of the finer points, my consultant starting making connections that I couldn’t have made myself.

 I had heard that other consulting companies encourage their clients to just present the best version of their archetype and not “rock the boat.” But StoryCrafters was more concerned with personalizing me so that I could tell my story and truly connect with the admissions committee as a real person.

 My background and upbringing were pretty unconventional in many respects, even though I wound up pursuing an academic and professional life that were more on a set track. My consultant inspired me to explore the unconventional stories that made me the person I am today. I truly believe that this unique approach helped push me over the top and get into GSB.

Without hesitation, I’d recommend StoryCrafters to anyone applying to business school. 


With application cycle in full swing, I was getting crushed at work. I was feeling overwhelmed, and really needed someone with real expertise to help guide me through the process and put together the best possible narrative of my experiences.

I knew that I had accumulated a good amount of experience professionally both unique and generic. But I had no clue where to start; I certainly had no idea how to tell a cohesive story that brought my story to life in a way that's consistent with who I am, and my future career aspirations.

Moreover, I was unaware of the nuanced and intricate differences of what each school was looking for from personal statements - the tone of the essay, level of specificity, which experiences to highlight, and what to emphasize.

Working with StoryCrafters was fantastic - it was an iterative process that began with an "inventory" of my experiences, and my consultant really helped me connect the dots in the most compelling way possible, even employing literary techniques I did not consciously know existed.

What began as a "pretty good" essay soon transformed into a coherent and concise account that eloquently spelled out my experiences in the most impactful way possible. My consultant worked with me side-by-side every step of the way through numerous drafts with helpful and actionable feedback.

Based on my experiences and abilities, I always knew that I was a pretty good candidate - but StoryCrafters really helped me put my best foot forward and make my best first impression. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the success I had, were it not for my consultant’s help.


When I started to think about "my story," I felt like I had a few interesting anecdotes but no sense of how to bring it into a cohesive narrative.

Working with my consultant helped me understand myself better – the StoryCrafters process gave me a structured way of thinking through how somewhat disparate experiences were related to what I wanted to do next in my life. And unlike others I interacted with, my consultant did not feed me ideas. He helped me arrive at insights on my own.

Empowered by this brainstorming process, I set about writing drafts of my story and essays. Mine were far from perfect on the first go-around. But my consultant was not only a good thought partner, he was also a keen editor, helping me see the essence from the extraneous.

When I finally read my entire narrative, I felt proud that I was able to articulate it in a way that was accessible and true to who I am. And I felt like I had learned a lot about myself in the process.


When I first started the application process, I found myself in a position that many applicants probably find themselves in. I knew it was time to get my MBA based on my career trajectory up until that point, yet I was having trouble presenting myself as a compelling applicant other than saying: now’s my time to apply.

Furthermore, I was looking to transition industries, which added additional pressure to the mix. I wasn’t sure how to connect the dots between everything I had done in the past, with my plan and vision for the future.

My consultant first helped ease my nerves and then led me through an incredibly comfortable and thorough process of brainstorming. We looked at all of the stories from my past (both good and bad) and came up with a firm argument for why I needed my MBA to actualize my plans for the future.

After my consultant helped me connect the story strands and influences that made me unique, we then discovered a meaningful venture that I wanted to establish after acquiring my MBA.

StoryCrafters’ approach of combining brainstorming, ideation and storytelling was invaluable in helping me craft a strong application.  Most importantly, the service showed me how to truly personalize myself.  Rather than just fitting in with the crowd of other applicants, I was able to make my voice unique and memorable enough to gain admission to HBS.


Working with my consultant helped me to create a cohesive story that tied together different elements of my background into a unified picture.  As an applicant, I quickly learned that there are both controllable and uncontrollable factors that contribute to a successful admissions essay. 

The uncontrollable elements are the experiences I had leading up to applying, and these were unchangeable by the time brainstorming began.  However, the controllable factors - the experiences you choose to highlight, the manner in which you do so, and the story you craft for the reader - are where the service excels. 

Using repeatable frameworks and tools developed by the service, my consultant added structure to approaching, what can often otherwise seem like, an overwhelmingly unstructured series of admissions essay prompts.  Drawing upon his experience as a storyteller, my consultant provided me with critical creative intuitions that helped counterbalance my more rigid, logical approach to writing. 

By the time I began writing my essays, I felt like I had a much deeper understanding of my own story and was much better prepared to share it with admissions officers.


The really great part of working with my StoryCrafters consultant was his ability to take a high-level view of every piece of my application – from personal statements, recommendations, resume, and the interview.

When we figured out how to tell my story and strategize what information to include in every piece of the process, I could feel how everything connected together. Putting together an application can feel so random and disconnected at times, but the service helps you present your story as a unified whole.

My consultant even helped me see how my personal stories and my professional business pursuits tied together and inspired each other. This made my personal statements in combination even stronger. I’m not sure how other consulting companies advise applicants, but using StoryCrafters was the key to helping me take a holistic approach to my application that resulted in success. 


My MBA application process began with angst and uncertainty. I was unsure what I wanted and where to begin. StoryCrafters helped me find purpose through its effective brainstorming and storytelling mechanisms. My consultant’s constant support was crucial throughout my process, especially with the highs and lows of my day job.

Looking back, my experience with StoryCrafters not only made me a better MBA applicant, but a more focused and confident professional. I now have a vision of my short and long-term goals and a concrete path to get there.

I highly recommend StoryCrafters to anyone applying to top business schools. Their unique insights have a proven recipe for success and I would not be at Tuck without all their help! 


Working with StoryCrafters was critical to my success with my MBA applications, especially my acceptance to Wharton. I knew that I was ready to go to business school and I had all the key elements, but I didn't know how to tie them all together.

My consultant worked with me to identify all the important aspects of my life and helped me understand how to tie everything together. He helped me craft a story that was truly my own and not just what I thought business schools wanted to hear.

The result was a genuine complete application that represented the best parts of myself and helped me get into the best school for me! I would highly recommend StoryCrafters to anyone that is applying to business school.